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Johns Family and Implant Dentistry

Welcome to Johns Family and Implant Dentistry, the office of David A. Johns, DMD, where our patients are treated as family and our dentistry is state-of-the-art.

As we serve the community of Puyallup WA, our number one goal is to make you feel at home as we provide you with the highest level of dental care. Your individualized care is a very close second.

We take pride in meeting with each and every patient, getting to know you and providing information that allows you to have an active role in your personal dental health and decision-making.

Your Dental Experience with Us

  • State of the Art Dental Equipment
  • Private Rooms
  • Complimentary guest WiFi access in the office
  • Comfortable dental chairs
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Online scheduling
  • Sedation for anxiety
  • Kind, caring dental team
  • Weighted blankets
  • Headphones
  • Neck pillow
  • Aromatherapy
  • Free parking
  • Flexible financing plans

What Sets Us Apart:

Personal Care

Enjoy life-long relationships with Dr. Johns and your hygienist.

Dental Anxiety Care

Dr. Johns has dealt with dental fears himself, so he is keenly equipped to assist patients in overcoming dental anxiety, often using conscious sedation when appropriate.

Financial Plan Options

Our financial coordinator provides private consultations regarding treatment costs. Dental vouchers available for non-insured patients.
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Innovative and Knowledgeable Admin Team

They maintain an active Facebook page, communicating billing/insurance information, employment opportunities, etc. Carrie and Melissa founded the Dental Administrator Study Club of Puyallup in 2015, now boasting 130 members.

Strict Adherence to Safety Guidelines

We conduct annual Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act/HIPAA/CPR trainings and monthly safety meetings. Your safety and comfort are of utmost important to us.

Giving Back to Our Community

  • Monthly donation—drives, food banks and schools
  • Giveaways at local businesses
  • Patient visits and care packages—in the hospital, rehabilitation or nursing home facility
  • Last-minute cancellations=free dental appointment for a community member in need

Custom Crowns

If you have damaged a tooth, we are prepared to restore your smile and ease your pain. A custom crown protects and strengthens a broken tooth while restoring it to its original shape and size. Our experienced and gentle staff is trained in assisting with all procedures, and Dr. Johns seeks to place each carefully crafted crown with precision and care.

Premium Bridges

Dr. Johns uses his unsurpassed level of expertise to design and carefully place bridges to replace missing teeth, ensuring excellent patient care. At Johns Family Dentistry, our dentists are always looking for new ways to improve our techniques and make you feel at ease by answering all your questions and coming up with a plan that makes you comfortable.

Periodontal Deep Cleanings

More extensive than a standard cleaning, scaling and root planing are procedures used to treat or prevent periodontal (gum) disease. Also known as non-surgical periodontal therapy, scaling removes plaque buildup from below the gum-line, and root planing involves smoothing the roots of the tooth, enabling the gums to more easily reattach themselves. Set up an appointment to begin your gum therapy today!

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