Gum Disease in Seniors

Many older adults have gum or periodontal disease, caused by the bacteria in plaque. One reason gum disease is so widespread among older adults is that it is often a painless condition until the advanced stage. If left untreated, gums can begin to pull away from the teeth and form spaces called pockets, where food particles and more plaque may collect. Advanced gum disease can eventually destroy the gums, bone and ligaments supporting the teeth leading to tooth loss. Regular dental visits can treat the gum disease or prevent it entirely. We recommend our Gold or Platinum JFD membership plans when treating gum disease. Managing gum disease may require 3-4 cleanings per year and these two membership plans are best suited to meet that need. The use of tobacco products, irregular dental care, poor fitting partials, poor diets and certain systemic diseases; such as anemia, cancer, heart disease and diabetes can all attribute to gum disease.

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